Mitch on Supplements: Training and Business


I don't care about supplements. They're cool and all as an athlete because they can improve recovery and training. The "business type" coaches in the fitness space are all about adding more revenue streams, and while I'm not opposed to making more money, I didn't get into coaching to sell powders. I got into it to train people, and most of the time that means that supplements aren't necessary. 

I see carrying supplements and RX bars and stuff like that as a convenience. My hope is that your health gets better because you don't have to pay attention to this kind of thing. Let me read the research and the tub labels while you just focus on eating clean and hitting the your workouts with the appropriate intensity. 

Because of this stack of beliefs, I'm discounting the price of all supplements for members. If you ordered FNX whey protein from their site or a GNC, you'd pay 60 bucks. Here you'll pay 55. I'm also going to offer a subscription system where you can get an increased discount ($50/month). I just want to make enough from this to keep stuff in stock. 

RX Bars will still be cheaper at Trader Joe's. Big shops can get big orders, so the boxes at TJs are only pennies more than what I pay wholesale.

If you're interested in other stuff that FNX has, talk to myself or Joey (he knows a lot about their product line as well), and we can create a custom subscription with a comparable discount. They carry BCAAs, Post workout carb blends, pre-workout powders (both with and without stimulants), electrolyte blends, sleep aids and adaptogenic stuff. 

Custom is the way to go on this. We may carry more of their stuff at a later time, but protein is the only supplement that's been supported time and again by the literature to improve response to training. Partly because, well, it's just food. 

Here are the people who should get the supplements: 

Get the whey protein if: 

  1. you have trouble getting enough protein in a day
  2. you handle dairy products well
  3. you want to add muscle
  4. you work out more than 4x/week

Get the cricket protein if: 

  1. you can't handle dairy products well
  2. you want to add muscle
  3. you work out more than 4x/week
  4. you have trouble getting enough protein in a day
  5. you want variety of protein sources
  6. you are NOT allergic to shellfish

Email to talk supplements and custom subscription packages. Make it so you have one less health task on your checklist each month and save money.